Hainan 3 with a seedlings

People’s Network Haikou October 25 (Li Hairong) Say.

It is reported that Hainan Province has been fully launched on October 24th.

The reporter saw at the scene that in order to reduce the students, parents queued, the school puts the campus space reasonably. In the waiting area, students and accompanying parents in order to queue, register the information under the guidance of medical staff, fill in the vaccination notice, and after inocation, go to the levy area to register for 30 minutes, uncomfortable symptoms can leave the school, the entire vaccination process Safe, smooth and efficient. "I heard that I have to take a needle, I am still very nervous, my family has played a vaccine. I feel that I have made a good vaccination early." In the area, the 10-year-old Xiaoyu took a mask, holding relevant in his hand According to the 上海龙凤对对碰 information, he told reporters that the family had to take him to the nearby new crown vaccination point for vaccination, but the school quickly organized vaccination. Ms. Xiaoyu Mother Li told reporters: "The school conducts the wrong peak into the school, so that the time to queue, there is also the guidance of teachers and medical staff, very relieved.

"According to reports, the new crown virus vaccination in 3-11 years old is to build an important part of the immunization barrier to build a population. As of October 22, Hainan Province has accumulated the vaccination of 8.27 million, 16.71 million yuan, 12 years old, The population vaccination rate, the total vaccination rate, more than 8 million passengers have completed the whole process, and the 3rd doses of the crowd strengthen the needle to vaccinate 1爱上海龙凤同城论坛0,000 people. (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see.