Anqing launched a special inspection of the "grain bag" for the "grain bag"

  The reporter learned from the Jubi Committee of the Anqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, from now until January 20, 2022, Anqing City launched a special inspection of food issues, 54 grades of the county, the county, and the grassroots and grassroots Grain reservoir realizes the full coverage.

  The key points for the special inspection supervision of the food involved include the implementation of General Secretary General Secretary on the National Food Safety Collection and Instructions, Party Central Committee and Provincial Government, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government Food Security Decision Deployment; Food Business Administration Management responsibilities, implement supervision responsibility; state-owned food enterprises, especially the relevant national government policy; food acquisition, storage, sales, sales, outbreak, etc. Wait.

  In response to the supervisory department of the food business, we will inspect whether the relevant provisions are implemented. Daily management; whether to strengthen reserve infrastructure construction and safety management; whether to highlight policy food management, strengthen policy food acquisition, storage, sales, and outline supervision. In response to state-owned food companies, especially grassroots grain libraries, see if they deviate from the main business, neglecting political responsibility for the pursuit of economic interests, blind investment in other fields, illegal guarantee operations; 上海品茶红场 whether there is interest delivery during business operations and reforms, weaken Question and other issues such as the management of national food enterprises; whether to actively acquire food and do a good job in policy food purchase, obeying the national macroeconomic regulation; whether it is strictly implemented the number, quality, storage safety, inventory management, sales Relevant specific provisions such as libraries.

  In response to food acquisition, storage, sales, delivery, etc. In project investment, state-owned enterprise reform, material procurement, bidding, project construction, etc. have no associated transactions, interests, and politics and other issues. Especially in the acquisition, there is a problem with Chen Timin, a second time, "Circle Food", and the short quantity of deficiencies 上海喝茶最新联系方式 in the storage link, and use the displacement, theft, etc. Question, whether there is no problem in sales, outbound, illegal, illegal, illegally selling, obstructing out the library, eat card should wait, whether there is a turnover in the rotation process, the food short, the duar, the cost of the warehouse, etc. problem.

  According to reports, in the middle of November, each patrol group was stationed in the inspection unit, and the resident patrol was completed before December 20. Before January 20, 202, completed the special inspection feedback from the food-related problem. "In this round of inspection, we will combine the characteristics of the food-related unit, choose the strong inspection staff, strengthen relevant policies, laws and regulations, etc., focus on key, accurate findings, and urge all parties involved in grain security The bottom line, the tube is good with the ‘grain bag’.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Party Committee Tour Office said.

(Reporter Bai Ping).