An Xusheng was listed on the first day up 13% over two brokerages raised 600 million earned 120 million

  China Economic Net Beijing November 18 hearing today, Hangzhou Anxu Sheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "An Xusheng matter") listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Kechuang board. As of today’s close, An Xusheng were reported yuan, or%, turnover of billion turnover%, amplitude% of the total market capitalization billion. An Xusheng was founded in 2008, focused on POCT reagents and equipment research and development, production and sales, with the antigen-antibody developed the production of bio-feedstock technology platform, and mature immune chromatography and dry biochemical diagnostic technology platform development formed covering drug testing, POCT reagents eight areas of infectious disease detection, detection of chronic diseases, pregnancy testing, tumor detection, cardiac testing, biochemical testing, allergy testing, products are exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia and Poland and other countries, has become one of Chinese in vitro diagnostic products supplier handful of domestic able to compete with multinational giants in POCT in vitro diagnostic industry international market. The pre-release, Ai Xu was holding hold An Xusheng% stake, is the controlling shareholder of An Xusheng matter. The company and the actual control of Lingshi Sheng Jiang Xueying couple, Lingshi Sheng directly holds% of the shares, Jiang Xueying% of the shares held directly by the company; two by Ai Xu holding company holds% of the shares, the investment holding company by creating Holy% of the shares, together hold percent stake in the company.

  An Xusheng was in 2020 November 3 starting over will be presented major problems inquiries 94th 2020 Review Conference of the Branch Board Listing Committee: Please explain on behalf of the issuer: (1) reflect the issuer’s core competitiveness, as well as the issuer’s market development reliance on brand owners is causing continuing operations risks; (2) if the relevant overseas countries, especially Europe and the United State pharmaceutical regulatory law changes, whether to export mode issuers ODM and OBM and even production and management have significant adverse impact; (3上海夜生活论坛最新) the issuer’s own brand to increase in the future if there is revenue growth plan, whether the situation to compete with the downstream ODM customers will appear.

Please sponsor representatives expressed clear opinions and explain the next ODM model overseas brands final sales means and methods of verification of authenticity. An Xusheng of the present times listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Branch 上海闵行水磨24小时 board, public offering shares, representing the proportion of the total issued share capital%, issue price yuan / share, the sponsor (underwriter) to Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd., on behalf of the sponsor artificial Sun Min Zhu Xian Zhang; Hua Securities Co., Ltd. as co-lead underwriters.

Total funds raised this issue as a matter An Xusheng million, net of issuance costs, net proceeds billion.

  An Xusheng net proceeds were eventually billion more than originally planned.

An Xusheng was on November 12 disclosure of the prospectus, the company intends to raise funds yuan, respectively, for "an annual output of 300 million second, three types of medical devices, in vitro diagnostic reagents, instruments and accessory products Project" "POCT in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments intelligent production transformation projects", "R & D center upgrade project", "marketing and service network construction projects," "supplement working capital." An Xusheng total cost of this issue yuan, Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd., Hua Securities Co., Ltd. to obtain underwriting and sponsorship fees million.

    Sponsor arrange a subsidiary of Minsheng Securities Investment Co., Ltd. to participate in this offering strategic placement, public offering amount based Minsheng% Investment Co., Ltd. with the investment proportion of securities, namely shares, subscription amount million. Minsheng Securities Investment Co., Ltd. The won with the vote counted with shares restricted period of 24 months, the restricted period from the date of this public offering of shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

  Listing announcement shows that from January to September 2021, operating income was Anxu Sheng billion yuan, an increase of%; attributable to shareholders of the parent net profit yuan, an increase of%; attributable to shareholders of the parent company after deducting non one hundred million yuan of net profit after extraordinary gain and loss, an increase of%; net cash flow from operating activities for the million, an increase of%. (Editor: Weijing Ting).