A batch of application rented projects such as Shicha Sea Siles will start with no less than 5,000 households within five years.

Original title: Shicha Sea Siles, etc. A group of applications will be launched (Reporter Zhang Wei) Yesterday, the reporter learned from the two sessions of Xicheng District. In the 2022, Western District plans to promote 21 strekdrop protection update projects, with Shicha Sea Frames, " The South Central Axis "Daily Gate Guanyin Temple District, the Tianqiao area is the focus, and a batch of application retrieval items have been launched.

  Zhuzhou, deputy director of the Housing City Construction Committee of Xicheng District, 2022 West City plans to promote 21 strekdrops protection and update projects, with Shicha Sea Sili Area, "Nankong Axis" Guanyin Temple District, Tianqiao District is focusing, launched a batch of applications Rent project. In accordance with the "five years, no less than 5,000 households", overtield all aspects of funds, housing, etc., ripe, and promote a batch. Fully promote the renovation of the old community, planned newly declared 36 communities, 6,500 houses, about 10,000 square meters, until 2025, basically completed the urban property rights of the urban property rights built before the end of 2000. The 20-way area is a simple building that is not started with public housing, according to the principle of "willingness to", first come first served "principle, refer to the application retrieval mode.

Continuously promote the work of the old building, 2025 years ago, the plan is not less than 15 per year, and gives the residents to reach a unified advice, and the elevator has increased the elevator.

  At the same time, Xicheng will continue to solve the problem of historical leave. Daji project, large fence C3, H block project design has been approved, and is currently in accordance with the urban planning department to prepare the project comprehensive 上海粤海桑拿会所 implementation plan, strive to obtain phased outcomes in 2022.

  Inside Chang’an Street (Xicheng Section), the environment will enhance urban design plan in Northern and North and continue to promote the regional key projects. In 2022, it was planned to prepare a comprehensive implementation plan for the establishment of Xuanxi District, and planned research on the regional demand and direction industrial 青浦赵巷最近没人 positioning.

  In addition, Xicheng will continue to explore urban update working path patterns. On the basis of the "Silver Enterprise Cooperation Promotion" mode of the Pinghouyuan, choose a mature point to expand the pilot range.

Encourage social capital to participate in the old city protection update, the discovery of regional stock resources, strengthen the project itself "hematopoietic" capability.

Guide to encourage social enterprises to participate in the renovation of old communities, giving support for administrative, funds, taxes and payment resources to participate in the renovation, reaching the government, enterprises and residents and win-win, and comprehensively enhance residents’ sense, happiness and feelings sense of security. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.