American researchers confirm that more than 100 deaths in Indians

  Xinhua News Agency, November 14 (Reporter Deng Xianlai) According to the US media 13th, the Braska researcher in the United States recently confirmed the identity of 102 students in the Indian host school in the local history, these students Most of them are young children. According to local media reports in Nebraska, researchers have recently confirmed the identity of 102 students who died in the federal boarding schools in Genoa City in the city. The state official calls on the federal government to take responsibility, investigate and publish Indians’ persecution.

  Magaret, a professor of the University of Nebra, NELANG Ken, said in the survey, said Magaret Jacobus, said that the actual number of students in the school may be much higher 上海桑拿品茶than the current number, and many students died of diseases including tuberculosis.

  According to reports, the school was built in 1884 and closed in 1934.

During the 1932 school, the number of students at the school reached 599, and the age of 4 and 22 were not equal.

After the school is closed, its files or destroyed or disappeared, bringing difficulties to the investigation. Jacobs said that the name information of the above-mentioned death student is verified from old newspapers.

Researchers have analyzed thousands of historical materials, and have not found official records on death students. At the same time, the Indian Affairs Committee of Nebraska is working with the relevant departments of the state to find the death student cemetery.

Judy, executive director of the committee, is an Indian descendant. She said that the historical truth of the Indians’ persecution is too cruel, covering the history has become the "collective will" at the US national level. She said that the government should take responsibility. If you can’t find the tomb of death, the government should recognize the hist of death of Indian students in school.

  With the large number of death students of the neighboring countries, the Number of the Number of the Number of Normally was found, the US Department of Interior launched the "Federal Indian Boarding School True Initiative" project in June this year, aims to investigate the Truth of Students in the American Indian Boarding School And assist in looking for the cemetery of the deceased. (Editor: Dai Xiaoyu, Jiang Jie).上海足浴资源群