Beijing Yanqing District demolitions the largest gathering illegal residential project since this year

People’s Network Beijing April 22 (Yin Xingyun) Since the beginning of this year, Beijing Yanqing District is being fully created, and the "100-day battle" is launched in the whole district. On April 20, Zhangshan Ying Town, Yanqing District, concentratedly dismantled the residential sub-hospitals in Judajiabao Village, Inner Jurisdiction, which is also the largest gathering illegal residential project with the largest demolition area since this year, the future, Teng The retreat will be used as a collective construction land, and the "Teng Chan" is "changing the bird" in the development of Zhangshan Ying Town.

In recent years, Zhangshan Ying Town has entered the development of fast lanes in infrastructure construction, industrial development, ecological environment and other aspects. It has formed high-end budgets, and the development of ice and snow movement is rapid, and the traditional fruit industry is promoted. Good situation, but illegal construction not only violates relevant regulations, but also has a huge impact on regional development.

It is reported that the Dingjiabao Village, the Dingjiabao Village, which was demolished, was 40, and the status quo of the plot was the village construction land. It plans to use the construction site of villages and towns. The area covers an area of ??square meters and 上海黄浦油压浴室kb the construction area is 5,700 square meters. Zhang Shanying Town Deputy Town, said that at present, the opportunity is correct, while doing a good job in the service guarantee of the Winter Olympics, play the regional advantage, and builds winter and ice and snow, and empowers regional industrial development. Since this year, we have created the basically no illegal area, and increased the dismantling of illegal construction. After the dismantling of the illegal construction of the Dingjiabao Village, not only the other illegal construction participants have effectively shocked, but also realize "Teng Teng" Cage birds.

In the future, the land will be incorporated into regional development planning and planning, providing valuable land resources for the development of Skin and snow industry in Zhangshanying. The 上海水磨体验 demolition of illegal construction in the department fully reflects the determination and attitude of resolutely rectifying illegal construction in Yanqing District. It is reported that, as of now, Yanqing District has dismantled the illegal construction of 10,000 square meters, and the demolished amount increased by 204% compared with the same period last year.

At the same time, Yanqing District also combined the actual research work for the lattice land.

"At present, Yanqing determined the four key industries of ice and snow sports, flower gardening, new energy and energy, and drones. The townships also determined the industrial development direction according to their actual development, and we will be based on land nature. Planning follow-up use, keeping space for future industries.

At 上海虹口水磨会馆 the same time, we will also further enrich the planning of the land, through the measures such as greening green, resurrection, building public facilities, etc., better improving urban environments, laying a solid foundation for the most beautiful winter city construction.

The person in charge of the Yanqing District investigated.

(Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).