All local steady employment promotion of employment policy landing, the results of the fruit BR have a life (this year, we are full of jobs)

  The words of the opening "" People’s livelihood guarantees powerful ", summed up this year’s livelihood work, and the Central Economic Work Conference just concluded.

  Since this year, the people’s gains have increased: steady employment promotion of employment policies, the employment channels of the workers continue to broaden, the rights and interests are more secure; the normalization helps mechanism is getting more and more perfect, and the stronger measures for the people of life; The service system is increasingly promoted, and the services enjoyed by the elderly people are more delicate … This version launched "this year, we have a full" series report, listen to everyone telling their own happiness. Taoquen staff member Zhang Jun – Today, the employment income is increasing, "I have salary today!" This year is the fifth year of Zhang Jun from Yang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. "You can get up to six or seven thousand yuan per month, now you can pass all thousand. New work is also close to home, can you not be happy?" Zhang Jun said, "It is in the construction site as a small work, now the electric welder, white class 350 yuan, the night shift can be more than 100 yuan. "" The job is stable and unstable, the grassroots are most known. "

We have built a team 上海夜生活贵族宝贝 of labor information collectors who understand the policy-based business, perform dynamic monitoring of rural low-income people and edges, and virgin, through skill promotion, transfer employment, near resettlement, etc., so that the masses have stable employment income. "Han Jing, director of the Yangxian People’s Social Structure Bureau, said. Every profit, it is the biggest wish of Zhang Jun." "The 上海浦东品茶会馆 opportunity of the craftsmanship work in the school."

Now Yang County People’s Social Security is organizing vocational skills training, I see electric welding is very suitable for you. Zhang Jun returned to the village from the field, and the help cadres on the village Xu Zheng immediately contacted him.

"Learn! Is the tuition?" Zhang Jun asked.

"Don’t worry, let’s go to the bag, the tuition accommodation fee is free." Xu Zheng answered.

  Zhang Jun took the bus to the Shaanxi Air Technology Institute, starting from the first day, the intense courses were full. "Not only the daytime curriculum is full, there is also a class, the theory of learning, and then practical exercises at night, and then consolidate the theoretical knowledge." Zhang Jun said, "people are arranged very thoughtful, even notebooks In our hands, can you learn? "Learning is nervous and enriching, Zhang Jun’s note is full of most.

He said: "The teacher is still anxious than us, comprested 1 year of course to more than 1 month.

He picks up the essence, picking practical practice. We have built a WeChat group, and we can always ask your teacher now. "It is difficult to alleviate employment, Yang County from" supply "and" demand end "to Qi. Han Jing introduced that in" supply ", relying on the real-name system monitoring results and the town village employment information staff grid system, fully exploit all kinds of labor employment Willingness; in the "demand side", widely released quality position information, timely docking the internal and external employees in the county, collect the total use of the usage workers, focusing, stabilizing the job. Outstanding jobs, I haven’t waited for the government, just graduated Zhang Jun passed Employment-related mobile phone applications quickly found new work, "This job can come to the Hanzhong City, riding two hours of motorcycles, and take time when resting. "Flexible employees Lin Qiang – related policies have issued the guarantee of labor rights" Now open the network during the day, to take a takeaway at 9:30 in the evening, usually to sell and install the bathroom.

These three jobs can sign a formal contract.

"39-year-old Shenyang citizen Lin Zhiyi seller, product salesman and webmark drivers 3 occupations." Thank you for your good policies, 3 work income stable, and are protected by law. "On the end of last year, Lin Qiang, who has just been sent from a private company, has bought a new car with a new car with a network of online approximation. In addition to income, Lin Qiang has found a part of this year in March this year. Work.

He also has a craft, can install a bathroom, and helps a company to sell and install products in May.

Although I found 3 jobs, I was so happy that I was so happy, I always made the problem of salary, social security, and labor contracts. On November 12 this year, the staff of the Shenyang Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau came to Lin Qiang’s company, not only sent to the insulation cup, fever stickers, warm gloves, warm baby and other condolences, and talk to Lin Qiang and other 10 takeaway rider representatives. .

"When I communicated my confusion and the staff of the People’s Social Security, Shenyang City has issued relevant policies to protect the labor rights of our flexible employers." "With the rapid development of the Internet, the platform economy rises rapidly." The courier, takeaway, the net approach, the bus driver shuttles in the city of the city, traveling for the people, and life provides great convenience.

In order to meet the actual needs of new activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of flexible employees and the flexible use of the workers, and we have introduced "Guidance Opinions on Optimizing the Relationship Services of New Industry Flexible", which clearing the new business companies use non-use according to the actual situation Full-time applicants, practitioners can establish labor relations with other units without affecting the completion of the task of the enterprise, and the original unit is not limited. Encouraged auxiliary non-disadvantage between workers and companies with pricing employment needs to improve human resource allocation efficiency. "Director of the Labor Relations Department of Shenyang Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau told reporters.

  It is understood that in terms of labor relations, social insurance guarantees, new state companies in establishing labor relations with new state enterprises, new state companies should sign written labor contracts according to law, and the period of labor contract is determined by both parties. In order to effectively protect the restrievity of new operating practitioners, "Guidance Opinions", new state companies and new operating practitioners negotiated agreement, can clearly determine and restroom or economic compensation methods in labor contracts or related agreements, and via local society After approval of the department, special work hours can be implemented according to the actual situation of the production.

In addition, companies also encourage companies to take flexible and diverse applications. New state employees who have not established labor relations with new state companies, new state companies can sign civil agreements with flexible practitioners through labor outsourcing, joining collaboration and other partnerships, and reasonably determine the rights of enterprises, employees and cooperation units. And obligations.

  "To prevent and properly deal with labor disputes, we will also guide new-state companies, guide regulatory regulations, classified and quantity custom regulatory rules and standards, improve labor security credit evaluation, trust incentives and lost credits .

"Tang Yuecheng said. Today, after consultation, Lin Qiang’s social security is paid by the webmark platform, the takeaway platform and the bathroom company also signed a formal contract with him.

"Now the revenue has increased, the mood is also comfortable, and there is more time to run.

"College graduates Xiao Qiu Xue-Xi Shuo Founded to find a job for both hands 2 completely disinfected, put on protective clothing, after three guard doors, enter the studio … Xiao Qiuxue a day’s work begins. In Tianjin Eddie Kang Medical Inspection Center Ltd. "Xiao Xiao told reporters that her work is not only in the laboratory. In the past, many times have many times to go to the front line, which is both a professional technology and has grown.

  However, Xiao Qiuxue, two years ago, has also fallen into the confused future.

From Tianjin Medical College Medical Inspection Professional, Xiao Qiu Xue wants to find a stable job in Tianjin, but there is no competitive advantage in the qualifications, and there is no result.

"In these two years, the city has established a trainee employment base in many companies, covering multiple industries, can be trained first, and turn it again." The counselor has brought hope to Xiao Qiu Xue. Under the recommendation, Xiao Xiao is very Come to the professional opponent Aidang company, and successfully turned forward after the past period. "The government set up a trainee employment base in our enterprises not only solved the needs of enterprises, but also positive significance for our control usage costs.

From 2019 to 2021, due to the establishment of a trainee employment base, enterprises enjoy the government subsidy of 10,000 yuan. All of these subsidies are all used for traders of trainees. Enterprises have also conducted related supporting, and they played a key role in using people.

Under the support of a good policy, Adidang has accepted 60 college graduates in the past three years, and the company has also entered the rapid development of the golden period. "In recent years, we have placed college graduates in high-run positions to promote employment trainees to promote their employment, and actively develop high-tech content, high-skilled content and high value-added employment. Post.

"The relevant person in charge of the Tianjin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau introduced that in recent years, Tianjin has vigorously develops employment trainee bases, absorbs more college graduates to participate in employment trainees, and reserve talents for economic development.

As of the end of November, a total of thousands of trainees were organized. At present, Tianjin has a total of more than a thousand employment, covering multiple industries, including different nature employers, and has made multi-level, multi-industry, wide coverage. "Good employee’s policy, let me find my value.

As long as you practice, you will be better tomorrow! "Xiao Qiu Xue is full of confidence in the future.