Do well | "Leadership Message Board" effectively solve the problem of villagers deeply thanked the people

The people have grided 上海会所工作室外卖 the Internet, and the public opinion has been on the Internet.

In recent years, the "Leadership Message Board" has become an effective way to better grasp the public opinion of social situation through the network through the network.

At the same time, "Leadership Message Board" has also been recognized by many netizens.A villager in Lianhua Town, Zhangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, due to the speed of resolution in the "Leading 上海按摩水磨 Message Board", good processing, after 2 months, once again selected the "Leading Message Board" to reflect the issue of rural infrastructure.

Shanfeng Village is a natural village in the Winter Lake Village, Lianhua Town, Zhangzhou City. The population of the village is mainly based on left-behind elderly.Over the years, there have been no neat village 上海水磨场子 roads in the village, which seriously affects the villagers’ travel."The mud is muddy in the rain, and the villagers have never been able to walk." In June this year, a netizens in Lianhua Town reflected the problem, urgent.