Anhui Province has introduced emergency plan science high efficiency to the accident guardian

  Hazardous chemical pronunciation public safety must be managed in strict accordance with the law.

Recently, the Provincial Emergency Management Office issued the "Emergency Plan for the Production Safety Accident of Dangerous Chemicals in Anhui Province". "Plan" aims to standardize the emergency work mechanism of the province’s hazardous chemical production safety accidents, strengthen prevention and early warning and emergency protection measures, scientific and efficient should have a hazardous chemical accident, better safeguard the lives and property of the people and social stability.

  The "Plan" clarifies the implementation scope, which is suitable for the production safety accidents of hazardous chemicals in the production, operation, storage, use and transportation process of hazardous chemicals, including significant, particularly major production safety in the administrative region of hazardous chemicals. Accident; the city or across various industries across the cross-section involve the large and social influence of dangerous chemicals; the emergency rescue capacity of the municipal people’s governments in the land is set, and the production safety accident needs to be reached; The people’s government believes that there is a need to respond to production safety accidents.

  How to divide 上海同城对对碰 the responsibility of leading organizations after the accident? The "Plan" clarifies the organizational command system. Without the provincial level, under the unified leadership of the provincial party committee, the provincial government is the highest administrative leading organ for emergency work in the province’s dangerous chemicals production safety accident. Under the leadership of the provincial government, set up provincial and dangerous emergency headquarters, responsible for guiding coordination And organize the emergency work of the province’s hazardous chemical production safety accidents; local levels, municipal, county-level governments under the unified leadership of the party committees of this level, is an administrative leading organ for emergency work in the production safety accident of the 逍遥网上海论坛 administrative region.

  In terms of on-site command, the "Plan" stipulates that after the provincial and dangerous emergency rescue site headquarters, the on-site emergency commanding agency established in the city and county governments shall be included in the provincial institution and organize the response work under its unified leadership. The emergency forces in the scene of the accident should accept the unified command of the on-site commanding agency. The on-site headquarters implemented the headquarters, according to the authorization organization of the people’s government of the people’s government, and implemented the emergency rescue plan, coordination, commanding the relevant units and individuals to participate in the on-site emergency rescue.

  Professional and technical personnel are 杨浦油压店 essential in accident emergency disposal.

The "Plan" also stipulates that the people’s governments above the county level shall establish a safe production supervision and management responsibility should establish a group of safety production experts in the field of hazardous chemicals, providing technical support for the emergency work of hazardous chemical production safety accidents. The hierarchical response is another focus of the "plan".

It is specified, with a particular major, major production safety accident, the city, and county-level people’s governments immediately start emergency response.

Provincial emergency response is divided into primary, secondary, third level, and starts corresponding level emergency response according to the level of harm, influence range and control, and take grading response measures. For large accidents of dangerous chemicals involving the broad, sensitive or less disposal, the serious incident or major incident, which is determined by the provincial dangerous emergency headquarters office decision to start the three-level response; for death (or possibly death) number in 20 people The following hazardous chemicals were significant, and the provincial dangerous emergency headquarters decided to start the secondary response; for death (or possibly death), the number of dangerous chemicals, especially major accidents, and the provincial dangerous emergency headquarters The general command decision starts a primary response. Dangerous chemical accidents may exude toxic and hazardous substances, and rescuers must strengthen prevention. The "Plan" stipulates that on-site emergency rescue personnel should carry professional protective equipment, adopt safety protection measures, strictly implement the emergency rescue personnel to enter and leave the relevant provisions of the dangerous chemical production safety accident site. The on-site headquarters coordinated, and the corresponding safety protection equipment was adjusted as needed. (Reporter Wang Hongyi) (Editor: Wu Siwu, Li Vu) Sharing let more people see.