From the city of the ice hockey to the city of Qiqihar, enter the sports market

Now, Qiqihar is more in sports to highlight the city characteristics, and create the city brand of "Ice Hockey City", with ice hockey projects to develop tricks, speed and other ice and snow projects. Ice hockey is a brand project in Qiqihar City. It is also a national team’s talent cradle. Since the first national championship since 1962, Qiqihar Ice Bags has been accumulated more than 30 national tournaments, league champions, 4 national winter hall champions. Since the 1954 ice hockey team, it has cultivated more than 150 ice hockey sports. Involved 17 coaches and more than 500 athletes from the national team. In recent years, the Municipal Sports Bureau has continuously strengthens the combination of body education, and the U8 to U14 U-series Ice hockey quadrators and Youth Campus Ice hockey teams and the youth campus ice hockey team, and organized the normalized school-level league, continuously improve the level of youth competition, and become the national ice hockey talents. Reserve the most striking city.

The figure skating player Ning Qi / Wang Chao, Liu Runqi and many other times have been documented in the contest, and transport Jin Hengxin, Huang Yahang, Liu Yudhang, Zhao Yuzhen and other excellent athletes, and is currently training in the national team. Recently, the Municipal Sports Bureau also appointed Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo, Han Cong / Sui Wenjing’s former coach, Qi Wai, Qiqihar, coaching, to inject new energy into the coach group composed of champions.

Summer Project: Baihua Qi Qu Zhang frequently except for winter projects, Qiqihar City summer project is also flowering, in Taekwondo, swimming, table tennis, shooting, basketball and other projects.

In Taekwondo, Qiqihar City has maintained the first achievement of the total number of gold medals and groups in five consecutive fifth sessions, and it also maintains a good results in the national competition. Since the team, nearly 100 athletes represented by Yan Bailing, Dong Huimeng, Li Zhengyang, Li Guanjin, were transferred by the provincial Taekwondo team, the national youth team, the national team, with an average of 8-10 people, accumulated nearly 300 Attivers were admitted to 211,985 University of Beijing Journal of Sports University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Hunan Normal University, Yanbian University. In terms of swimming, 40 gold medals, 39 silver medals were obtained in the 14th Provincial Provincial Games, and five of them broke the highest records in the province. There were 2 records of the province’s age group; 2020 Heilongjiang Swimming Championships A total of 35 gold, 23 silver, 19 copper, realizing the total number of gold medals, medals and groups.

In the past three years, there have been more than 20 swimmers by Zhongshan University, Central South University, Southwest University, etc.

The Qiqihar City Swimming Team and the Provincial Team jointly 上海星月群喝茶 completed the 14th sports meeting in Heilongjiang Province, and strive to create new achievements.

In addition, the shooting and basketball projects have obtained the world championship in Zhang Jian, single-resident East, Huang Lixin, etc., the Asian Games champion; the basketball team also presents a rapid development trend on the basis of excellent performance in the province. The results of the competition 上海闵行油压店 will be promoted year by year, and the shooting project has transported 17 people to the provincial team; the basketball project has delivered 23 people to the province, three projects have registered nearly 2,000 people, and the masses are solid. Mass Sports: Vitality Fitness Foots Continued in the Qiqihar City, this is a winter northern city. The masses of sports are in hot, "Spring ball, summer dance, autumn run, winter slip" four seasons change Stop, the national fitness is unprecedentedly high. The strong ice and snow sports masses and the good ice and snow sports have achieved the brand of Qiqihar City "Million Youth Snow", and now has been held in 41 years, and the number of interceptions in the adolescents will promote the snow sports. For Qiqihar City and even the national ice and snow sports talents, the construction has laid a solid foundation, and the enthusiasm of several generations involved in the ice and snow movement. In addition to "winter slip", Qiqihar City also has a three-season mass sports that is characterized by "Spring" "Summer Dance" "Autumn Run".

Spring is full of hopes. Every spring, starting from the city "Qing June" primary and secondary school table tennis competition, go to Hecheng Table Tennis Fighting, and then go to "Pish Cup" Table Tennis Gold Grand Prix, which provides display for the development of the mass table tennis project of Qiqihar City. And competitive platform.

In the hot summer, enthusiasm is like fire.

Qiqihar City’s "Summer Dance" detonated the national fitness dance – Hecheng crash dance, unique Hecheng characteristics Hold.

On April 21, 2021, the video recording of the ninth set of Chinese Shenhe took off the Qiqihar’s fitness dance coach Zhang Liyan, started in Xiamen, Fujian Province, from Beijing, Sichuan, Henan, Gansu, Zhejiang, Guangxi Waiting for 67 more than 400 Shenhe Take off the fitness dance players in the country.

According to incomplete statistics, as of now, about 6 million God cranes take off in the country. Good autumn, good, happy. Qiqihar City is suitable for local conditions, has been planned to have developed two special marathon events – Rolling Mountain Mountain Marathon and Zhalong Wetland Marathon Events. The three-year-old Mountain Mountain Marathon event was held. In 2019, the title of "China Track and Field Gold Marathon" is also the only mountain marathon gold medal in the country, which has become the first A-level event in Qiqihar City. After successfully creating the Milled Mountain Marathon Event, Qiqihar City has also strived to build Zhaolong Wetland Marathon event activities, attracting the national marathon enthusiasts to come.

In addition, during the "13th Five-Year Plan", Qiqihar City installed 2072 national fitness facilities, investing in 89 social football stadiums, only 2020 new and passed 59 social football venues, total investment Netty of 100 million yuan.

Continuously expanded the fitness space of Hecheng’s general public, enriching fitness projects, so that the general public leisure entertainment has more choices, so that the people really enjoy the health and happiness brought by sports. (Wang Yujia Li Xiaoli reporter Li Dongchuan) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.