Good food, honest, to obtain residents, how to do "five-year old shop" instead of 昙 昙 昙 现

With the reduction in the farmer’s market, vegetables are transferred into more and more communities.

But by the venue, noise, etc.

How to do five-year-old store instead of a five-year-old shop, the reporter found that there were many experience in the five-year-old vegetables that had been operated for 5 years. Sales of affordable and honest acquisition of the residents trust the melon, give me another, my girlfriend said particularly sweet.

In the morning, on a space in Xi Xi Community, the stalls of vegetables were just put, and the residents around the surroundings were coming over.

A aunt who picks up a pocket, I found out that I forgot to buy my daughter’s desired melon, I stood in front of the cashier’s desk, gave yourself, they were good, I was too lazy to go. Pick it. If the aunt does not pick up the customer, the reporter saw several in the same day. A middle-aged woman riding a tricycle, is also standing outside, holding a young man who makes the car to pick vegetables, cucumber, cucumber. The reporter asked her to pick it up, I bought it for several years here, this is still there. The big sister said that she stayed away from here, and she was deliberately riding a tricycle with a car. I saved the dishes and walked away. You looked that rapeseed, it’s fresh, this kind of vegetable Buy back to still a week. Other dishes bought in many places, it is broken overnight. There is also a resident, go to the price of a good value before the dish booth, and screen yourself to buy the vegetables.

Every time we will have 18 kinds of price dishes, how much is the price increase.

The food is pulled from our company base, which is cheaper than the price of the newly distributed market. Xu Yu, the head of Xuxi Community Vegetable Expressway, told reporters that dozens of cabbage on the same day is the base distribution, and the price is more cheap than the guide price.

When the reporter was turned in the dislocation, he also listened to a lot of residents, while comparing each other, this bean corner king, I looked at each pound per pound in the supermarket yesterday, here is 8 yuan, cheap is not bad. Compared with the market, the market is good & hellip; & hellip; the reporter also saw a few of the drivers of the bus station to take a break, and ran over and bought some vegetables and dried fruits. The dishes here are fresh and cheap, I have a chance to buy some.

By 11 o’clock in the morning, many dishes and fruits have already seen the bottom, and they are still constantly having a name to buy cabbage. I heard that I have sold the light, and I will have three times, and I will give it to me. A few of them. High-quality dishes are not only welcomed by residents, but also benefit from the operators of vegetables. The reporter interviewed the day, until noon, the dish is a little slightly, and the captain Xiao Huo sides the dishes on the stall, and I told reporters while I am very happy. This is our daily situation.

We now add average of 5,000 catties of goods at average every week, vegetables, fruits and dried fruits. The service is ready to order the resident purchase, just told the reporter a few words, there is another young man who bought the dish to greet him, Xiao Ge, you will help me with the Dragon Lille. Xiao Huo quickly passed, please find out the photo of the need of Longli fish, give him a copy, I try to find it exactly, I will send you a photo to you in advance.

It is like this to help resident purchasing, almost every time there will be a community.

Soon this is also shortly after the opening of the vegetables, Xuanxi Community is based on the residents’ requirements, and specially value-added services with the long-term vehicle long. We have agreed that only fresh fruits and vegetables are sold, do not sell birds, meat, and fish, but the residents will buy live fish, buy shrimp, and other needs, many residents have come to the community, and the street reflects. Jiang Guozhang, director of 青浦区赵巷浴场哪家好 Guangsian Street Civil Service Center, said that in order to maximize residents, the Citizen Service Center and the Xuanxi Community Party Committee help communication, the operators of vegetables to establish a WeChat group to the residents, if any resident has other special purchases Demand, you can also mention it at WeChat at any time. The staff of the train is clearly recorded one by one, and the next time you purchase it. The reporter interviewed the day, less than an hour, I met two residents on the spot, in addition to purchasing Longli, there is an old resident, please Xiao Huo to bring more than a dozen pounds of small cucumber, and last year That is, it’s cool, I will marinate some pickles. Xiao Huo has been remembered on the mobile phone, but also specially reportedly with this resident in advance, this year this 爱上海龙凤419 cucumber price is expensive than last year, I will find it to you, see if there is a large amount of purchase, give you uniform Point. Ok, the price is almost the line, don’t add more trouble.

The residents were satisfied with the footstep, and she told reporters that she has booked a small cucumber with the branches of the strand in recent years, and the ginger or snow red. It is used to pickle vegetables. These things are cheap. It can’t be bought in many places. In these two years, I have to help me buy, save me a lot. Broken extension service has become a good neighbors of residents. This recognition is that this vegetable-through train has accumulated more than five years of operation, and it is also completed by street and community guidance. This vegetable train is introduced from the end of 2016, which can be purchased directly from Xinfa, promise average 上海419龙凤 price of 10% lower than the nearby market.

Jiang Guohang said that before the streets and communities were invested, they have clearly put forward the requirements: the absolute safety of the dishes, the source is guaranteed; guaranteeing fresh, can’t have overnight dishes; goods are genuine, the goods can not be a short two, this is the resident That is most important, you have shorted them two weeks, you can’t have two weeks, you have to be driven out by residents. These basic requirements, Xiao Huo did they did it.

Seeing that residents have improved their recognition, Jiang Guozhang and the community have put forward the requirements in time, in the WeChat group they built, pulled into more elderly, and adds to the servant of the small car staff. Several contact details of several communities.

Xuanxi Community has hundreds of older residents, and some of them are in the upper and lower buildings. They can’t go downstairs to buy dishes. Jiang Guozhang will contact the old residents in the nearby elderly, specializes in providing free home for them. On-site service, while extending service, it continues the feelings with residents.

The reason why these services are proposed, and they also come from Jiang Guozhang’s many years of work experience. Although the vegetables are all served in most residents, they always have to operate in the community, which will inevitably affect the impact, noise, garbage and blocked traffic in some community residents. There will be, and Jiang Guozhang has experienced. The community invited the vegetables to train, but because of noise, throw garbage down by high-level users, and finally helpless.

Especially noise, it is impossible to avoid.

If you want to persist for a long time, you must get support from residents, and you have to get a clear support of residents, you have to strengthen contact with residents.

Prior to the invitation of vegetables, Xuanxi Community specially went to the residential building in the residential building, listening to the residents’ thoughts, the vegetable booth, the rear window of the three households in the first floor, must be the consent of the residents. Jiang Guozhang is particularly thanks to the efforts of Xuanxi Community and the tolerance of these households. Although it is required to operate at 7 o’clock, the vegetable car must have six o’clock, unload, unbox, stalls & hellip; & hellip; can stick to now , Thank you first, these households. These requirements have also been supported by the vegetable direct train salesperson. In some projects, these requirements, the streets and communities mentioned these requirements, in fact, they are trying to help us break.

Xu Yuhe and the car Chang Xiao Huo have a good business. Since the opening, this vegetable train has been operated by three young men. This can be familiar with the residents as soon as possible, and the salesperson will be more faster into the community. Send vegetables, will also give residents more security. Slowly, we can gradually be accepted by the community, and even let them feel that we are their neighbors. In an interview, I did see a lot of people who came to buy vegetables. When I bought a dish, I would chat with these three young men. I care about whether they have eaten breakfast, where to eat lunch, Xiao Huo said, There have been residents to give them lunch, let them be very touched. Now we are very familiar with many residents, and there are empty nests, do not buy food, will stroll over and let us talk. (Original title: Survey | This community’s convenience vegetables are made into five-year old shop, the secret is 啥) (Reporter: Zhou Mingjie).