Academician "" helps Guizhou high-quality development

In September, Golden Autumn, fruitful.

From September 23 to 25, the 25th academician experts who helped Guizhou high-quality development activities in 2021, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics gathered in Guiyang City. , Weinan Prefecture and Zunyi City research guidance, focusing on economic and social development strategic needs to carry out consulting services to help Guizhou high-quality development.

After the founding of New China, "Three-wire Construction" established the three industrial bases of Guizhou aviation, aerospace and electronic, and laid a solid foundation for Guizhou industries.

"As a company in 1965, we actively practice the ‘three-wire spirit’, and is accelerating product upgrade, enhance technical ability, and promote digital design and manufacturing.

"In China, Guizhou Liyang Aviation Dynamics Co., Ltd., academician experts in-depth investigation. In the strategic consultation, the company deputy general manager, chief engineer Xia Wei hopes that the experts will give specialization, carry out in-depth cooperation with the company.

"Hope ‘Academician" activity can be used as a fixed high-end consulting platform for regularly, to create more opportunities for Guizhou enterprises, innovate exchanges, and intelligence introduction to create more opportunities.

"The Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of the China Academy of Engineering, Yin Zeyong, director of the China Aviation Engine Group Science and Technology Commission, believes that the overall border of Guizhou Airlines is better, there is a company that manufactures aircraft machine.

"I hope to support multi-partial cooperation with relevant enterprises, and expand the business sector." During Guizhou, the academician experts also went to Pingtang County, Qiannan Province, to investigate the advanced deeds of Nanrenong, an astronomical experience hall, and in-depth "China’s eyes "Science Base launched academic exchange. In Zunyi Space Jiangnan Group, the academician experts also examined the application 贵族宝贝mm自荐 of new materials in the industry and other fields. As one of the organizers of "Helping Guizhou High Quality Development, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Aerospace" has been widely collected by many demand information for assisting Guizhou high-quality development, actively docking with relevant academician experts, and establishing bridge links for both sides. "Just our school, there have been more than 100 projects with more than 70 enterprises in Guizhou." Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the principal of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, introduced some of the company to Guizhou companies specialized in master’s classes and certain professional fields Short-term training class, through talent training cooperation, joint establishment laboratory, etc., driving more 上海浦东300全套群 industrial cooperation. The school will also take this event as an opportunity to further innovate the institutional mechanism of genetically study, deepen the pragmatic cooperation with Guizhou in manufacturing, big data, talent training. "Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government puts forward new industrialization roads, especially in big data, industrial Internet, new manufacturing, should be unswervingly developing new manufacturing." Single loyalty combines the digitalization of their own research Mechanical equipment and molding manufacturing technology, "putting pulse" for Guizhou industrial development. He believes that Guizhou should build a new manufacturing cluster of digital, intelligent, networked, and green, using digital technology, intelligent technology to empower the high-quality 上海夜生活网 development of Guizhou manufacturing, in order to create a new future of the people of the people, ecological beauty Contribute wisdom and strength.

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