Ensure that "package security" courier company strengthens the murder

At the Zhongtong Express Qingpu sorting center, 45,000 emails are processed here. Whenever the vehicle is fully loaded to the unloading mouth, the staff will fully disinfect the vehicle. After the sorting operation area, the message is 爱上海会员验证交流区 placed on the conveyor belt, the staff will use the molecular atomized sterilizer to disinfect the mail one by one, while ensuring that the mail is fully murdered, it can avoid email being wet.

According to reports, more than 100 kilograms of disinfection water is required to disinfection every day.

In Zhongtong Express Beijing Transit Center and the Jingnan Shipping Center, more than 4 million express mail, each unloading platform has electric sprayer, and the staff carrying the manual spray bucket focuses on the transfer belt express, it 闵行区水磨 needs a few days 10 barrels disinfecting water. The relevant person in charge of Zhongtong Express: "When the mail will be disinfected before unloading, the safety of the item is guaranteed, and when the same express is sent, it will be disinfected again, so the express mail arrives at the sorting center to minimize two times. "The above personally introduced that after the external vehicle entered the park, the vehicles entering the park must enter the park after disinfection, check the driver to check health treasures, measure the temperature, and the shipment must be disinfected and then sorted; when entering the unloading mouth After the staff sprayed into the middle package; after the sorting operation area, the shipment is placed on the conveyor belt, the staff will use the molecular atomized sterilizer / spray equipment 爱上海贵族宝贝龙凤 to disinfect the email one by one; after the express mail arrives in the outlet, the staff staff Disinfect before unloading. After returning to the salesman of the exterior, it is necessary to disinfect the vehicle, tricycle, two-wheeled cars, etc. recycle bin. Daily staff, wearing good medical surgical masks and disposable gloves, wearing the "wearing mask" "Wash" "Medium", "Noval Wash", etc.

The staff monitors your health, vaccination new crown vaccines, and actively promote the inoculation of all workers, and regularly conduct nucleic acid detection. Jingdong logistics also said that it is actively cooperating with multiple prevention and control policies, performing strict murder measures in the logistics park. Jingdong Brother also fulfilled the most stringent door-to-door health standards during end services, including daily temperature testing, trial, wearing masks, nucleic acid detection, vaccination, safe contactless operation, etc.

Introduction to SF, the company strictly abides by and implemented "full procedures" from operation, express mail safety, person safety, etc. In addition to wearing masks, Question, Question, etc., will also target express mail, equipment, ground, and And each of the vehicles carried out 2 epidemic prevention killing daily. Shentong Express also pointed out that in terms of safeguarding the security of the package, the company’s participation is more in the advancement of the incomplete virus in advance, and the source virus is blocked by disinfection, or even destruction, avoiding the express delivery of viruses. Communication channels.

Regular killing is mainly operated by the express delivery company. For special parcel processing, the express delivery company will take the initiative to report abnormal express mail in the discontinuation region according to the development of the epidemic, or take relevant measures, or relevant departments may be more timely Intervention, express delivery company supports cooperation.

Regarding whether the package can be sent, it is necessary to adjust according to the requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control center. Beijing Disease Control Center reminds the masses to pay attention to cleaning and disinfection when they receive express delivery, should pay attention to a few points: First, when sending and receiving express delivery, we should wear masks to minimize contact communication.

Try to transfer until no contact is transferred.

If you need a delivery of the delivery, you should keep a distance from the delivery person to one meter. Second, when taking (dismantling) the courier package, there is a chlorine disinfectant or medical alcohol to disinfect the outer packaging; or wear disposable gloves, try not to touch it directly.

Try to take out outdoors when you remove it, do not take it home, and manage it according to the domestic waste. Third, after processing the package, take off the glove in time, pay attention to the hand clean, and carefully rub the hands according to the "seven-step wash method", avoid using unclean hand contact, eyes and nose. When spraying alcohol, you must pay attention to safety and prevent fire.

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