Beijing Dongao Village, January 27, next year, opened the torch relay on February 2nd

    China Youth Level Client Beijing October 27 (Zhong Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net Reporter Cixin) On the occasion of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the State Council Information Office held Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disappearance this morning. The Olympic Commissioning Press Conference. According to the deputy mayor of Beijing, Zhang Jiandong, an executive vice chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee. At present, the preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disappropriation will be ready. On January 27th, the Winter Olympic Village will officially open the village, welcome from Athletes around the world will carry out torch relay on February 2nd to open the prelude of Beijing Winter Olympics.

    The news conference site.

Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net Reporter Cixin / Photochatroon Today, from the venues and infrastructure construction, venues and operation tests, the service guarantee, epidemic prevention and control, publicity and cultural activities, Winterao Heritage, etc. Specific introduction to the Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics.

    First, venues and infrastructure meet the requirements of the game. All 12 competition parcels are all completed, through international winter single physical organization 上海龙凤桑拿 certification, full access conditions.

National Speed ??Sliding Hall "Ice Ribbon", National Snow Sleigh Center "Snow Tour Dragon", the national jumping platform "Snow Rush", etc. Humanistic iconic building. The three Dongao Villages, the main media center and other non-competition venues have been delivered, the infrastructure such as Beijing high-speed rail, Jingli Expressway is investing in operation, and there is further improved access to the unobstructed facility, and the requirements of the Winter Paralympics.

    Second, the venue mode is fully implemented. In February and April this year, the domestic test activities of snow and ice, and testing the work of the venue operation. In order to further enhance the operation and security capacity during the venue, 10 international test competitions and 3 international training weeks 上海水磨服务 will be held in accordance with Winter Olympics, and there will be more than 2,000 overseas athletes. Team officials, etc. to come to China through full-circular management.

At present, the 5th events such as Skating China Open, Asian Flower Skating Open, Short Track Speed ??Skater World Cup, Snow and Steel Rack Snow Try Tour have been successfully concluded, and the wheelchair Skilu World Championships is being carried.

From the end of the game, all aspects of international sports organizations, participants, etc. are fully affirmed.

    Third, the service guarantee for the competition is fully promoted.

Adhere to the "three different areas, one standard", and comprehensively do a good job in all preparations. It has identified nearly 100 contracts, and the accommodation distribution program has been developed, and the 上海闵行区419在哪里 reservation is being launched.

Complete the Winter Olympic food raw material supply base, catering service provider selection, formulated a winter menu, will meet the different needs of customers.

Determine 41 family-stop medical and health institutions, and set up a venue medical treatment team.

Establish a transportation command center, clarify the vehicle selection, and carry out the vehicle. Preliminary determination of the list of volunteers, business training is being carried out.

Formulate implementation of technology Winter Olympics, actively promote new technology demonstration applications such as hydrogen fuel, 5G communication, cloud broadcast, artificial intelligence.

    Fourth, properly deal with the risk of neoguanponic epidemic.

The epidemic is the greatest challenge for the Winter Olympics.

In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic, the International Olympic Committee, World Health Organization, etc. Adhere to the health and safety of all parties to participate in the first place, give full play to the role of international and domestic mechanisms, formulated overall guidance opinions of the Epidemic prevention and control of the Winter Olympics, the overall work program and "a one-strategy" "one strategy" Epidemic prevention measures. On September 30, the key policy of the epidemic prevention and control. On October 25th, the International Olympic Committee will release the first epidemic prevention manual, which clarifies the adherence to the simplification, far-end prevention and control, vaccination, 6 basic principles such as closed-loop management, effective disposal, and prevention and control, proposed specific epidemic prevention measures.

    Fifth, publicity promotion and cultural activities continue to heat up.

The Winter Olympics is both a sports event, and it is also a grand event of cultural.

Since the preparation, Winter Olympics, emblem, mascot, torch, sports icons, medals, and Winter Olympics have been released. In Beijing TV station, the winter Olynere auditic channel is broadcast, and a group of Winter Olympics Square has been selected. Time for countdown 1000 days, first anniversary, 100 days and other subject activities. The fire collection and handover work was successfully completed, and the fire welcoming ceremony in Olympic Tower, issued a torch relay plan, launched a fire display, and created a strong winter an atmosphere. At the same time, the opening and closing ceremonies related work are also advanced. Sixth, sustainable and heritage work has achieved remarkable results. In-depth implementation of sustainability plans, carbonaceous, and implementation of the ecological restoration of Yanqing and Zhangjiakou Division, realize all the green grids of all venues, using 4 new carbon dioxide refrigerants, Beijing Winter Olympics, etc. Will all neutralize.

Comprehensive implementation of the legacy strategy plan, each venue has established the post-match utilization program, relying on the Beijing International Olympic Academy, Beijing Winter Olympic Park settled in the first steel, Yanqing Olympic Park, Zhangjiakou Chong Shoukou Olympic Park, naming has been approved.

Taking the Winter Olympics as an opportunity, vigorously promote the construction of ice and snow venue facilities, and actively promote the goal of ice and snow movement into the campus, enter the community, "300 million participation in the ice and snow movement" is gradually become a reality. Give full play to the traction effect of the Winter Olympics to the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, promote the interconnection of traffic facilities, the complement of industrial development, the interaction, the ecological environmental joint defense, the public service is shared, and the construction of Beijing sports cultural tourism belt, promote the first steel, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou and other regions transformation, high quality development. Editor in charge: Cao Jing.